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Strategy is

a plan of action designed to achieve an overall major aim

A good strategy should answer
three questions




What to change?
Not every problem is worth solving.
Which problems to ignore and which problems really matter?

Finding the Vicious Cycle

A serious problem is a problem that manifests itself in a vicious cycle and generates many undesirable effects.

What to change to?
There must be a reason that a solution is not yet realized.
There is likely a long-lasting, unsolved dilemma.
In order to create a breakthrough, we need to solve the conflict that
prevents us from breaking the vicious cycle.

A good solution should eliminate the conflict


How can both needs be achieved without
at least one of the conflicting actions?




What Makes a Solution Robust?

Vision & Mission
Clarity of the overall objective and mode of operation that are driving the solution.
Build - Capitalize - Sustain
Breakdown of the solution elements needed to build, capitalize on and sustain the desired level of performance.
Critical Assumptions
Clarity of the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ for each solution element.

Devising a Robust Solution

The Strategy and Tactic Tree




Build – Capitalize – Sustain




How to cause the change?
A great solution often involves a major change.
How to introduce the changes harmoniously rather than creating conflicts?

Would the person accept the change?




The 4 Quadrants of Change

Making the Change

The superior gains in the new reality:

  1. What major new gains will be achieved?
  2. What new possibilities open up?

The major problems in the current reality:

  1. What current pains will be addressed?
  2. What problems will likely emerge if the change is not made?
Not making the Change

The sacrifices made by changing to the new reality:

  1. What current gains/advantages will be lost?
  2. What key relationships will be at risk?
  3. Which alternatives are used or considered?

The risks in pursuing the new reality:

  1. What are the major risks to making
    the change?
  2. What are the major obstacles to making
    the change?

The Complete Process

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