Not your typical consultancy

  • We work with you all the way from planning through execution.
  • We are committed to results – our fees are attached to your financial benefits.
  • We know how to facilitate the needed change to achieve harmonious growth.

Our Inspiration

We provide growth and stability to our clients, while enhancing harmony within all aspects of the organization.

Our Values

  • Be Holistic. Look for the global optimum.
    Don’t let the local optima come in the way.
  • Be Focused. Have clarity on the core constraint.
    Don’t let the noise come in the way.
  • Be Humble. Never say, “I know.”
    Don’t let inertia come in the way.
  • Be Persistent. Keep moving forward.
    Don’t let the victim mentality get in the way.
  • Be Respectful. People are good.
    Don’t let blaming get in the way.

Our Mission

We facilitate organizational excellence by identifying and removing the constraints for business growth. We do this by taking a holistic approach: assessing the entire system, and instead of compromising, solving the key conflicts behind the constraints.

Leadership Team

Rami Goldratt
"I’m honored to work hand-in-hand with such a group of professionals who are dedicated to build on my father’s legacy.”
Rami Goldratt currently serves as CEO of Goldratt Consulting. Over the years, Rami has been involved in consulting engagements with retail, automotive, textile, chemical, and service industries all around the world. Rami is considered one of the most influential leaders of the TOC body of knowledge, specifically in Sales and Marketing, where his work has become standard practice .Rami is also among the pioneers in developing and implementing TOC applications for the education system – guiding of teachers around the world in applying the TOC thinking Processes for children’s education.
Yuji Kishira
"I want to make Japan and the world better by TOC."
Working for many years as a senior executive in renowned Japanese companies, Yuji san understood the importance of people’s harmony – 'WA ' in Japanese. Inspired by it, Yuji san has been supporting holistic management transformation in various industries and government organizations. Yuji san’s books are best sellers throughout Japan. One of his major initiatives, “Win-Win-Win public work reform”, was adopted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, as well as by many prefectural, city Governments all over the Japan.
Katsumi Ozeki
"When I will look back, I want to say 'my life was meaningful'. I want to spend time improving people's lives and society. If people I have worked with say they enjoy every day, this is the best reward I can receive. I think working at GC is the most practical way to realize a meaningful life."
Katsumi Ozeki, Ex-General Manager at Sony HQ Production Strategy Office & Ex-President at Sony Ericsson Beijing, is known in wide circles as "The legendary Sony man and world's best plant manager, who received CEO Award twice". Sharing the ambition to “Reform Japanese manufacturing by Holistic management”, Ozeki san, was highly praised by Dr. Goldratt for the remarkably fast achievements, such as the implementation of TOC in Omron Healthcare.
Sridharan Chandrasekaran
"I Joined GC to continue my passion for Theory of Constraints and its potential to produce extraordinary results to organizations big & small. I particularly like GC focus to not just advice but to actually work side-by-side with our clients and deliver results."
Sridharan Chandrasekaran (Sridhar) has been a TOC practitioner since 1996. Over the last 17 years, as a senior executive, Sridhar was responsible for the implementation of TOC solutions in manufacturing, projects and supply chain operations across industries. Sridhar is the recipient of the Franz Edelman Award, the world’s most prestigious award in Operations Research, for his TOC implementation in the US Air Force.
Jaideep Srivastav
“My interest in professional life has always been to get exposed to modern day management and operations problems and solve it holistically using TOC principles. GC provides me these opportunities in the form of their engagements. What is exciting to me is with the wide variety of GC customers, GC case studies and GC talented people; there is a tremendous opportunity to learn different customer environments, tools and methods to also make customers extraordinarily successful.”
Jaideep Srivastav, known worldwide as a TOC Expert, is a seasoned Account Management and Global Implementation Delivery Manager/Executive, who specializes in Theory of Constraints (Critical Chain Project Management, Drum Buffer Rope and Supply Chain), Customer Account Management, Implementation Delivery Management, Change Management, PMO deployment, PMO as Managed Services.
Dr. Ajai Kapoor
“The focus and determination Dr. Goldratt brought to an otherwise impossible ambition to change this world was deeply inspiring. To aim so high and then pursue the goal with such practical and deliberate steps was humbling to watch. GC continues that work with a commitment to delivering significant results to customers, developing new knowledge and creating a culture of innovation and collaboration. “
Working closely with Dr. Goldratt to develop the TOC application for multi project environments, and applying the method with multiple companies across industries, Dr. Ajai Kapoor has since become known as one of the world’s leaders in this field. He is the winner of the prestigious Fulkerson Prize awarded by the Mathematical Programming Society and the American Mathematical Society.
Prabhat Choudhury
"I have closely seen so many companies stuck into either tail lamp syndrome or digging their own miseries and took them out with great success using TOC framework. It gives me immense joy when I see someone achieving what was thought to be impossible. My key drivers are conviction on the power of goodness, absence of jealousy and suspicion, helping and motivating all who are trying to be and do good. All these criterion are fulfilled with holistic thinking of management being used and practiced in GC worldwide. We are a bunch of Socrates mind willing to travel through untrodden paths which conventionalists hate to take."
Prabhat Choudhury, known worldwide as a TOC Expert, has designed new applications and solutions for diverse areas. Apart from TOC Prabhat has worked with many other management concepts like Lean, TQM,6 Sigma, EVA, SVA, OSHAS and Quality standards.
Aureo Villagra
“Through frequent interactions with Dr. Goldratt; applying his groundbreaking theory across various industries, brought me to understand the deeper meaning of TOC. It helped me realize greater meaning and personal fulfillment in pursuing my passion for inspiring and instructing entrepreneurs and executives on how to improve their business and careers and achieve their goals using the logical thinking process of the TOC.”
Serving on the board of directors of major Brazilian companies, Aureo Villagra is a renowned professional coach for business leaders. Aureo has extensive professional experience managing a consulting company over 30 years in Brazil and Portugal, where he conducted projects in some 250 companies, from family businesses in the succession process, corporate recovery, competitive strategy, and significant holistic improvement initiatives.
Shlomo Ben David (Benda)
"Many scientific approaches are limited by the field they belong to. One of Dr Eli Goldratt’s major breakthroughs was his borderless approach to reality. He implored us to perceive the holistic picture and consider not just the physical operation, but also the people within the system whenever we seek to improve performance. In our quest for breakthrough results, he taught us to challenge our assumptions even in our areas of expertise, and even on the heels of a successful implementation. I believe that when we act based on this understanding, we are bringing significant value, and we grow together with our clients."
Mr. Ben David is the Global Retail vertical Head at Goldratt consulting, Responsible for the Retail TOC implantation's worldwide and GC Software solutions for Retail market. Prior to Goldratt Consulting, Mr. Ben David served for 18 years in several positions and as a founder at international high-tech companies, and more than 10 years as the CEO of a leading Enterprise Software company. Mr. Ben David is a retired Lieutenant Colonel at the IDF Special Forces.
Javier Arévalo
"Working in GC has given me an open ended opportunity to live a meaningful life and learn how to think clearly. These two high ambitious objectives were the ones that Dr. Goldratt instilled with his life example. Our people have passion that makes this a stunning place to be."
Javier Arevalo has broad managerial experience and scientific training of more than 25 years. starting as a Product Development manager at Procter & Gamble. Through several functional responsibilities and executive positions, Javier has been implementing the principles and solutions of TOC. Javier’s experience includes supporting companies in areas such as: manufacturing, consumer goods and supply chain, product development and project management, sales and marketing, Business strategy.
Dr. Yishai Ashlag
"We tend to put a lot of emphasis on ideas, tools, tips that we use and success stories that inspire us, yet we devote little attention to examining and defining our approach in generating the desired results."
Dr. Yishai Ashlag holds a PhD in economics from Bar Ilan University in Israel. Upon graduation, he spent a year as a post doctorate visitor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. For the last 20 years, he has worked as an adviser, consulting government agencies, policy makers, investors, and businesses in various sectors such as automotive, consumer goods, agribusiness, healthcare, finance and retail. Ashlag worked closely with Dr. Goldratt, the developer of TOC. Currently he is senior partner at Goldratt consulting; where he acts as the head of knowledge development and implementations.
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