There is a growing demand for shorter and efficient development and delivery cycles while complexity and variety increases. Lead times, quality and cost are affected by the performance of multiple stakeholders, departments and vendors.

How to meet commitments for aggressive lead times,
without costly expediting?

How to synchronize a highly dependent engineering and production project, which is done largely by multiple subcontractors?

How to reduce rework in a highly dependent environment that has multiple vendors providing various parts of the project?

Goldratt Approach

  • Shorten actual cycle time by applying TOC CCPM project management methodology – accelerating flow of projects and reducing rework.
  • Reduce iterations and increase synchronization by rigorously applying full kit gating strategy and frequent cross team alignment.
  • Improve vendor performance by applying a single priority system and flow driven contract management.
Goldratt Consulting’s robust TOC methodologies and IT tools, implemented by business leaders with wide industry experience, provides what you need, focusing on your key constraints.

Contact us for relevant case studies and to gain an understanding of expected results for your specific environment.
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