It is hard to utilize current assets (knowledge & IP) for new product development strategy. M&A is risky and does not foster harmony. With time, margins from current business are shrinking.

How to cut the development cycle time of new drugs?

How to improve chances of success with each iteration in our new drug development process?

Production should not cause a bottleneck, but how can we ensure flexibility in production while adhering to all of the regulatory requirements?

How to create and maintain good margins by accelerating the flow of new drugs, and having a highly efficient supply chain?

Goldratt Approach

At Goldratt Consulting, we provide the operating system and methodology to manage the drug development project portfolio, and supply chain of drug delivery. Increase the success rate of new drug development and run a flexible, highly efficient supply chain from API to pharmacy.

Goldratt Consulting’s robust TOC methodologies and IT tools, implemented by business leaders with wide industry experience, provides what you need, focusing on your key constraints.

Contact us for relevant case studies and to gain an understanding of expected results for your specific environment.
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