Learn practical strategies, tools and techniques from top global leaders.


40+ presentations in 9 parallel tracks!

Keynote presentations by:

Mr. Seiti Kanai
Former Chairman of the Board of Mazda Motor Company
Rami Goldratt
CEO of Goldratt
Kristen Cox
Executive Director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget


  • 12 Indicators for Measuring Progress: Real or Illusion? by Dr. Yishai Ashlag, Goldratt Group, and Kristen Cox, Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget
  • The Art of The Possible by Brigadier General Christopher Hill, Commander, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, Tinker Air Force Base
  • Breakthrough in Leadership for Breakthrough Performance by Ret. Gen. Andrew Busch and Lisa Scheinkopf, Goldratt Group
  • Air Force Aircraft Mission Software: A TOC Case Study by James Diamond and Brent VanDerMeide, Hill Airforce Base
  • TOC Approach to Production and Distribution: A Case Study from the Dairy Industry by Bruno Girao, Betânia Lácteos
  • Person Dependent to Process Driven: A Transformation by Prithvideep Singh, CDIL Semiconductors
  • Starrett Global Supply Chain: Higher Service Levels Without Higher Costs by Christian Arntsen, Starrett
  • Quick to Market / Quick to Quality by Celina Blanco Boscan and Sam Gollin, Delta Air Lines
  • From Worst to First by Tony McMillan, Gate Gourmet
  • Why Doesn’t Lean Work in Japan? by Yuji Kishira, Goldratt Japan
  • Turning the Challenges of Family-Owned Businesses into Opportunities for Growth by Aureo Villagra, Goldratt Brazil
  • Throughput Economics by Henry Camp, IDEA, and Rocco Surace, The Bonadio Group
  • Operation Breakthrough by WA (Harmony) by Makio Hagimori, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Integrated Defense & Space Systems
  • Kaizen Team Meets TOC! by Colonel Akira Igarashi, Japan Ministry of Defense
  • Rules of Flow: Synchronization by Sridhar Chandra, Goldratt North America